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Spanish allTalk (аудиокурс)

Spanish allTalk (аудиокурс)

allTalk — серия одних из лучших разговорных курсов для англоговорящих слушателей.

There has never been a more convenient way to learn Spanish. With no reading or writing required you can learn on the move with Linguaphone’s allTalk Spanish CD language course.

Listen to the engaging storyline and learn with our character Linda, a complete beginner to the Spanish language as she visits Spain for the first time. Realistic storylines provide the perfect backdrop to help you practice and remember useful Spanish phrases and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you develop confidence in speaking Spanish before your next trip away.

What our Spanish language course includes:

16 audio CDs

73 page full colour vocabulary guide

Language levels you will achieve:

Beginner and Intermediate

What you’ll learn:

0 – 2000 essential Spanish words and phrases

Practical Spanish vocabulary for everyday situations

Ability to speak, listen and write basic Spanish

Development of an authentic Spanish accent

Meeting and greeting

Booking a hotel room

Ordering food and drink

Attending a business meeting

Название: Spanish allTalk / Испанский — серия allTalk, 2 уровня

Автор: коллектив

Издательство: Linguaphone

Год выпуска: 2001, 2008

Жанр: учебное пособие, аудиокурс, изучение иностранных языков, испанский

Формат: PDF + MP3

Страниц: 73

Язык: английский, испанский

Размер: 1,27 Гб

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